Probable Team Lineups: Everton v Wolves (video)

Well. They´re finally at it again. It’s been a long wait after the win against Wigan that saved the managements behind and made us fans jump on the bandwagon of hope again.

During the international break many of the Wolves players has made their countries proud, in particular Sam Vokes and Stephen Ward. Vokes two goals for Wales towards the end of the game against Norway sends a message to McCarthy that he could be used as a substitute with good results. The goals were well taken and perhaps the tall Welshman now knows where the goal is situated i the Premier League aswell.

Stephen Ward has become a hero for the Republic Of Ireland in a short time as indeed in Wolves. His confidence is on the high and it shows in front of goal in Wolves aswell as when he helped the Irish to the play-off in the European Cup. And it was the shot of Doyler that helped Wardinho to do his magic.

Wolves have a recent history of not playing well after international breaks, but I don’t believe it will affect the play negatively this time for the above reasons and because the team now have an extra day of recuperating and practise compared to earlier seasons.

Some Everton players have played for their countries during the break aswell, but not with the same success as Vokesy and Wardinho. As last season and the season before Everton have not reached the level of performance we are used to see by the well-managed team by Moyes.

I read somewhere that they have not spent a net pound on new recruits the last three years, so I guess that’s got something to do with it, but they are still a very good team and at home they are a hard nut to crack. Wolves have though managed to get a draw the last two seasons on their home ground, so well grounded hopes that we can get something this season aswell.

Anichebe and Phil Neville are out injured in Everton and Jagielka is doubtful with a toe injury, but will probably play. In Wolves Fletcher will probably be back, starting on the bench, and two right backs, Foley and Zubar, are still on their way back from injury.

I got a little scared the other day when I saw that our revered manager told the official site that how he forms the team has nothing to do with the results, as we played 4-4-2 successfully at start of the season. Sadly he doesn’t seem to read my analysis of that and I hope that he is not trying to play both Doyler and Fletch from start on Saturday.

Everton almost always play with only one up front and even McCarthy have noticed the benefits of having O’Hara playing just behind a lone striker in our forward department, so I believe  it will be an even match between the teams formation up north.

Read somewhere that Guédioura has played two games for his country in Africa during the break, so I do believe that can serve as a reason for him not playing from start now. His performance was clearly under par against Wigan, so  that would actually not weaken the team. Jarvis was a big reason for Wolves coming up on top against Wigan, so I believe he will be a starter now. Apart from that i believe Wolves starting eleven will remain the same as last game, with Henry playing as a defensive midfield rear guard and Hunt terrorising everybody all over the field.

If O’Hara shows the same form on Saturday as in previous games we’re definitely in for a great show, but there will not be many goals in this game. A goalless draw or one goal either way will be my guess and I hope Wolves can snatch three points with O’Hara as the only goalscorer.




~ by paddytheflea on November 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Everton v Wolves (video)”

  1. I would like to see Hammill in for Hunt at least 45 mins as that gives us the extra attcking edge and he gets back fast to cover if needed,
    Otherwise team is about right but it would be great to see Fletch play at some point during the game instead of Doyle as we all saw how the goals rolled at the end of last season.
    Interesting to note that Johnson is the only new recruit since the end of last season. Question is:
    Is this a team in developement and improvement or are we about the same as last season?
    I would say that Ward is better but Hunt and Jarvis have been weaker the rest about the same.
    I see McStubborn has delared that he is going to be “active” in the Jan window let’s hope it isn’t on second rate foreigners, Scottish league and developing players as there’s no point if you won’t play them ie Hammill. We need some real experience ala Ince & Co some seasons back who ooze confidence and are mentors to younger players.. Whoose for Beckham 🙂

    2-1 to Wolves (having predicted 3-1 at the Wigan game I hope I’m on a roll!!)

    Up the Wolves !!

    • I¨m sure Fletcher will come on at some point, but not necessarily for Doyle, but that’s dependent on play and standings. I believe that you’re about right in your analysis of the players development, but it’s still early season and Wolves tend to improve in the second half.

      It looks like the treasure chest has run dry on funds for new signings. I believe we have to sell to buy and promising enough Keogh, Vokes, Mendez-Laing and Ikeme are doing well out on loan and the club might get enough to buy a couple of descent players to strengthen the team in January, but good help is hard to find. Experience is more important than age and wages is an issue I’m afraid, so Beckham is ruled out. 😆

  2. Well, after Henry’s stunning assist against the mighty Wigan there can only be one result – Wolves 2-1 with Henry on the score sheet. From some of the posts I’ve seen over the past 2 weeks I’m surprised Barca aren’t in for him. Scratch head time again – why do we loan out Sam Vokes instead of Ebanks Blake. Its blatantly obvious which one requires match fitness and shedding a few pounds. Then again Burnley probably don’t want him.

    • I’m a little bit surpised about Vokes, Bemused. He may be back as the supersub we all admired back in the Championship. Then, on the other hand, he may come back in Januaryas a new signing after the loan out and work as the tall target player we need up front. Or we may sell him in January and gain some funds to put to use for a replacement to Henry. 😆

  3. Hunt has played real well lately and is a player MM likes to play against tough physical teams. Hammill has a bunch of tricks, is difficult to stop, but his deliveries is not good enough. He reminds me of Jarvis 2-3 seasons ago.

    Edwards is an excellent choice in midfield. As a striker I would play Fletcher if he was in tip top shape. And I would rather consider Doyle as a central midfielder (I would play him instead of Edwards in the second half), if we were converting to 4-5-1 permanently. He has what it takes: high work ethic, high work rate, high soccer intelligence. The only thing he lacks in that position is experience. In that position he could do what he does best – setting others up. He’s probably our best all round player.

    I was a bit dissapointed when I read that Vokes is getting loaned out to Burnley, as I rate him higher than Ebanks, comparing them by what they have done so far in the season and by their current form.

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