Probable Team Lineups: Chelsea v Wolves

Better late than never? Wolves travel to London today to face Chelsea. Not an easy task, of course, but the Londoners have not been so great recently and Wolves got everything to win in a match like this, so you never know.

Jamie O’Hara and Steven Hunt are both missing today because of five yellow and Stearman is out aswell with a broken wrist. We shouldn’t be too let down by this, because it gives McCarthy a chance to test something new, something he has been very reluctant to do this season, despite the team not playing that well.

Chelsea have problems defending and that suits us well. To score we need to go forward and press them high up much more than we have done before in this season. We have to risk something to win something and this is the time and the game to do it, but is Mick ready to go all the way? I’m not so sure about that, but he has surprised us before.

Fletcher looks ready to play from start if he is picked, and I hope he is. That doesn’t necessary mean that Doyler have to be rested. We could either play with two up front or – something I would recommend – play Doyle in the O’Hara role just behind the striker in a 4-1-4-1-formation.

The big puzzle for Chelsea is to have enough well playing and fit players to go when they play two games almost every week. I think that’s the main reasons behind their shortcomings so far this season, combined with a new manager who tries to get them to play the way he wants them to. These things can take some time and I hope that they have not figured it out yet. 😆

What can we hope for in this game? A solid Wolves defence and forward going players that use their speed and diagonal balls to counter-attack on the turn. And some fantasy, creativeness and skills, please. We know you can! To the probable starting elevens. I got to rush. 😆






~ by paddytheflea on November 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Chelsea v Wolves”

  1. Think MM will stick with Doyle up front and put Guedioura in with Edwards making the forward moves behind Doyle. Will settle for a point here though Chelsea have such a crop of excellent players it will be difficult for us.

  2. I totally agree with you Mr Flea… in fact I think that would be our strongest lineup even if all were fit, because Hunt has blown hot and cold, and for all his effort O Hara just hasnt looked as potent of late. Stearman, well I make no bones about the fact that he isnt up to the Premier league

    \Yes, Doyle just behind Fletcher would be brilliant, and with Jarvis slowly returning to form, could see us actually look threatning again – something we really havent been ALL season.

    A pacey defender and and an attack minded midfielder – or striker – must be on the shopping list come January, added to that a bit of confidence and we should be alright.


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