Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Stoke City

Hi supporters! I’m sorry not being around for a while, but I’ve been busy doing some research and wanting some time off from Wolves, being disappointed about play and results. Can’t stay away any long from the team in my heart, though, and I might aswell report to you how I look upon the team and their play.

I for one have lowered my expectations on the team this season.  They are far from a stable mid-table team and not as good as they were the second half of last season. I would be very happy and a bit surprised if they stay up.

Stoke City is a team that has gone the other way. From strength to strength and they are looking to another great season, playing in the finals of the Europa Cup and everything. I don’t believe they have better resources money-wise than we, but clearly they have a manager who can take good care of the funds that he is offered.

That’s sort of a gloomy start after my break, but I want you to know where I stand at the moment. To the game, then. Wolves are playing at home and that will be a plus, of course. The injuries to O’Hara and Edwards, two players in the middle of midfield who have lately been in our starting eleven, is not. There are replacements, but especially O’Hara will be missed. To that we can add Foley, still not back, and Craddock.

Physioroom reports knocks on Wilkinson and Sidibe, but they manage to play well with changing eleven players for an Europa Cup game, so I imagine they are about as complete as they can get. And rested.

How will Mick McCarthy play the team, then? I believe that he will not back down from playing 4-4-2 at home and that Nenad Milijas will have a chance from start with Henry in the middle. I hope that he will be in better form than when I saw him play latest, but with only two in the middle they will have defending as their important task, not going forward. I hope they can deliver the ball forward to our wingers, the sooner the better.

Jarvis apparently had a slight injury, but is now cleared to play and we need him badly. Together with Fletcher he is our best weapon going forward. On the other side we have two options,  Hammill and Hunt. I believe Mick will go with Hunt, which may or may not be the right decision. Both Hunt and Jarvis prefer the left side and are better playing there. Hammill on the right would balance the team better, but maybe weaken it in the middle because the loss of work-horse Hunty.

The back four I believe will be no surprise. Zubar, Johnson, Berra and Ward will have a tough job with long throw-ins to Crouch and the other tall guys in the Potters team. I hope that Johnson can cope with that. I know that the others can. Especially Ward and Zubar has to think a little different against Stoke and not kick the ball out the sidelines if it’s not really called for.

It’s high time for Doyle to hit form and to create a good cooperation with Fletcher. If I was the manager, which I thankfully am not, I would have replaced him with Ebanks-Blake long ago. You cannot live on your reputation without performing for ever and SEB deserves to get his chance in a couple of games from start, but he will probably get his fifteen to thirty minutes as usual.

Stoke will probably play the rested eleven they played latest in the league. The team that managed to win against high-flying Tottenham. What about the results then? The Potters are not at all as good a team away as at home, but they are better than we are when playing away. I believe we should be pleased with one point, but I hope that my general downy mood makes me guess wrong. What about one all and a goal by Fletcher, of course.

Below are the probable starting elevens against Stoke City on Molineux.

Go for it Wolves!



~ by paddytheflea on December 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Stoke City”

  1. Playing Doyle in every match, even if he’s not performing, is not healthy for the club. I rate Ebanks and Doyle pretty even – although they are totally different player types. Rotation would motivate both players to work harder. Doyle looks tired and need a rest on the bench.

    If Doyle doesn’t play well in this match (scoring goals, or deliver assists or semi-assists), I would like to see O’Hara in his role in the next game, and Edwards or Milijas toghether with Henry in the middle. Playing O’Hara on top with Fletcher will inevitably turn up as an alternative if a classy midfielder arrives in january.

  2. Good to see you back Paddy,always an honest assesment of where your teams at and a fair apraisal of opponents.
    I thought Wolves would have,progressed this season but tbh you seem to have stood still .I still think as last season your to good to go down,with the likes of Blackburn,Wigan and the baggies around I reckon your safe enough 😉 .
    In to the game I think you’ve got our starting 11 more or less spot on.Not one for the faint of heart this one lol I like you would take the draw,but I’ve got a sneaky feeling we might just edge it 2-1..
    Good luck for the rest of the season after Saturday that is 🙂

  3. Hi Paddy,
    Glad to see your return, but must be honest its got to be a hard job commenting on this poor season. Particularly as there is no sign of change from the manager! I just don’t understand why there is no rotation of players when they are clearly not working as a group. The drive and motivatoin to play at a high tempo has been lost, so there must be a personality dynamic issue within the team or just Micks constant negativity has dragged everyone down. Also:
    What motivation is there for fringe players when there are no opportunities?
    What motivation for first team players when there is no threat to their position?
    What is the point of being loyal to players when you are paid to make clinical decisions that may not be popular? Its a management position not mates down the park… or is it.
    Anyhow lets hope we take a step forward this weekend.

  4. I too needed a sabbatical from the Wolves, limiting myself only to watching the physical game and staying as far away from blogs and news updates as possible,.

    This season has been a giant flop so far, I was called negative for my outcry at another woeful recruitment drive in August, yet this has turned out to be spot on. One defender from a relegated side is all we could muster. Pathetic.

    4 months on and it is clear that we are in for another relegation fight, mick is incapable of plugging the huge wide gaping holes in defence and yet somehow manages to cling to his job.

    The big plusses, and our saving grace, must be the return to form of Jarvis and Fletcher, Hammil is a great attacking talent who needs to play more and were it not for Big Wayne at the back, we would be bottom of the table.

    2 string defenders and a striker are desperately needed in the January Sales, SEB IS NOT A PREM STRIKER, and Ward being the only defender who can look himself in the mirror without shaking his head.

    I dont see our form or results changing with the current personnel in charge, and reckon a 2-1 loss is on the cards.

    Lose to the canaries next week and we really will be up the creek. yet, be assured, the thick clod will still be in a job.

    Merry Christmas, and Welcome Back Paddy !!


  5. bit negative a start if im honest, stoke have spent considerably more than us, honestly look up the stats and i reckon stoke would have spent somewhere near the top 6 in the premier league over the past few years.
    bit nervous about milijas starting centre mid and i think you’ve got the probable teams spot on, milijas in a 2 in the middle does leave us defensively fragile.
    on the whole, im tryna get behind mick but i would like to see hammill start thought he was dangerous when he came on against sunderland but abit more optimism boys, up the wolves.

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