Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Norwich City

Well. No time for crying over spilt milk, is there? The Canaries are visiting and we’re going to be good hosts and beat them up, eh! At least that must be the plan. Three points is a must now, with a row of difficult away games waiting in the holidays.

For those, must be only a few of us by now, who believes this is an easy game I would advise you to think twice. Norwich is on a run and over all they’ve had a good first part of their first season among the nobles.

They play a good passing game and are much quicker at coming to chances than Wolves and that Lambert guy looks to be a fantastic coach, having taken them up two steps in two years with no stars in the team. It’s a team effort and I congratulate them to their success so far, but sometime it got to end and I believe they will be among the strugglers, like we will, at the end of season.

With O’Hara and Edwards still out of bounce and Craddock and Foley playing in the reserves on Wednesday, Mick will without doubt start the game with the same outfit that started against the Potters.

I believe that’s a good choice as long as Jarvo play on the left and Hunty on the right. I know a lot of supporters that want Hammill to start, but he is far from the all round play Hunt show up on a good day, and I believe Hunty is coming to form and is very needed when we play four in the middle.

What about the lineup for Norwich, then? Well, they’ve got injuries on De Laet, Vaughan, Ayala and Ward, so I guess we are about equal when it comes to that part of the game. They usually play a 4-4-1-1-formation, especially away, lately with Morison just behind the incredible Captain Holt. Look out for him in the box boys, he’s a lot quicker than he looks and they all give everything and a bit in a goal scramble.

The midfield are supporting the forwards very well and they are all good passers, with our former player Surman usually on the left wing. I hope that he doesn’t create too much problems for his old mates Zubar and Hunt, but players traveling back to their old club pitch are known to do just that.

But it’s the back four that are the fragile point in the Canaries armour. Naughton and Tierney are not in the same class as the full backs Jarvo and Hunt has encountered lately and their central defenders aren’t the same class either, in my opinion. If our forward going players play the way they did in the first half against Stoke, they should be able to make an impact. I want Wolves to show that they can create goals in play in this game, cause I believe it’s necessary. Norwich will get one or two in, I’m sure. They always do.

The result? Many goals on counter attacks by both teams, a complete different game to the one against Stoke. In the end 3-2 to Wolves, two by Fletcher and one by Doyle. Am I dreaming or having a fever? Perhaps. Below are the probable starting elevens.



~ by paddytheflea on December 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Norwich City”

  1. Excellent summary couldnt disagree with anything and hope the prediction is right – big game for MM who has backed himself into something of a corner without many options to change it – just wish he had been bit more cute in his tactics and judgement of players over the last 12 months or so.

  2. Yep, that sums it all up pretty well.

    It is a can win, should win, must win, hard to win game-aren’t they all?

    Agree with starting line up but McStubborn must react faster to changes on the pitch than he did against Stoke (or indeed almost everyone else this season, Villa aside) and be prepared to make changes early on if it’s not working.

    Sadly, our bench doesn’t offer very much with even my old favourite Guedi being out of sorts. The key for me remains Hammill who moves forward well and although is often wayward is a real threat. Once he does score I think he will become prolific but he needs more than 10-15 mins to settle into a game!!!

    However, I agree Hunt is the more rounded player but not on the right which leaves two players after the one space and removing Jarvis isn’t an option-obviously! So I offer Hammill who I think will score tomorrow if he plays.

    PS Good to see the blog back 🙂

  3. Wonder how MM hasn’t picked up on Cliftonville striker Rory Donnelly – Seems Swansea, Everton & now Liverpool are looking at him – and they want £100k for him! Must be worth a punt surely?

  4. Well at least we’re consistent – another 2 goals conceeded! Found this link of Google – amazing how similar this seasons point tally is to the same stage last season

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