Probable Team Lineups: Arsenal v Wolves

So what can we expekt from the 24 hours delayed trip to London? Well, not any points for Wolves I’m afraid. Maybe I can pick up something in the sales if I got the time to bother about such things, but I’ll probably sit at a pub in Soho with som flea relatives from London before the game. 😆

When looking at the extended injury of Arsenal you might be lead to believe this could be the right time to meet them, but they’ve got two very well functioned players at every position, so the absence of big names as Wilshere, Fabianski, Gibbs, Santos, Sagna and Diaby doesn’t bother them much. In Wolves the return of Foley seem to be stalling, but Edwards is scheduled to return. O’Hara is out until February, though and Craddock is doubtful.

Even if ARSenal have not been playing to their usual high standard they are still a team that we have great troubles defending against. Their attacking play is excellent and they are very competitive in midfield. With injuries and normally the weakest part of their team is at the back. The problem is that if we try to push up and play high up the pitch we will get punished on the counter. I still would like us to take that chance instead of passively take a beating.

With the introduction of Ebanks-Blake from start against Norwich McCarthy now has a choice to make upfront. Firstly, will he play with two forwards against Arsenal away? I think he will and I believe he will welcome Doyle back from start and place him in the role as second striker a little behind Fletcher, close to the O’Hara role between midfield and attack when we play five in midfield. I hope that Ebanks- Blake will get his chance against Bolton from start instead. He has earned himself that.

Edwards is back and my guess is that he and Milijas will share one of the inner midfield positions. I hope Henry can make another excellent game on the other. I do believe that Craddock is a better central defender to the right than Johnson, but maybe he is not ready for 90 minutes yet. Another possibility to the left to replace Johnson is Stearman, but I do believe McCarthy will give Johnson another chance in this game.

What will the score be, then? I’m glad if we keep it to under three down, but I’m not sure that we can. 1-3 with a Wolves goal from Hunt and a Wolves team that gives Arsenal a good fight, that’s really the best I can hope for. Let’s have a look at the probable starting elevens.


~ by paddytheflea on December 25, 2011.

5 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Arsenal v Wolves”

  1. going ionto a game like this i just think oh bugger…’s a case of damage limitation…….I agree we will lose 3-1 although i’m praying for aChristmas miracle 🙂


  3. let’s experiment , if we’re convinced we will lose , then let’s see what hunt in the middle alongside Milijas , with Hamill and Jarvis out wide can do , if we need to ,we can put Henry or preferably Guediora on to give us more drive if Milijas flags early . I remain convinced that if we simply passed out of defence & held the ball better that our defence would look much better , and grow in confidence , it’s got to be the case that closing down space and our own accurate passing serve better than bad tackling and long hoofs forward IMHO!!!

  4. uhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh why Ramsey not be substituted by Yossi Benayon ? Yossi Benayon should start……………….but all and all Professor Wenger Knows more much than I do,…….Van Goals should score 3 goals, walcot One and the one from Gervinyo to make the total of 5 goals……………..Please Arsenal players Chelsea has slipped today we need to get to top 4 or even 3 before New year of 2012………………please give everything u have to win the game………………..Respect to all Arsenal players and our beloved well talented Manager Wenger……

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