Probable Team Lineups: Tottenham v Wolves

Before we played Tottenham last we were unbeaten after two wins and one draw in the league and there were high hopes for a very good season in and around Wolverhampton. Not only for the points, but because we played well and looked sharp. After that game the journey down began.

For the Tottenham faithful it was quite the opposite. They came from a hard start to the season, but found their feet against us. Now it’s payback time. We want our mojo back! 😆

Actually we played very well against Tottenham at Molineux, besides losing with two goals against nothing. We stood up well, maybe with the exception of Henry in the inner midfield who had a very good start of the season, but begun to show inconsistency now and Hunty who didn’t have a good game either.

Maybe that’s one of the main reasons to our downfall and, with Wolves strengthening the midfield in the window, we can measure up to that strength from the beginning of the season again? Johnson started the season well as did Ward and Stearman at the back. Berra has gained strength since and hopefully we have a better back four now than when we were at our best, as Johnson seem to have found his mojo again.

The main difference with Wolves play at the start of the season and later on lies though, I believe, in the instructions from management and in the head of the players (sometimes that is exactly the same thing, I’m afraid). The urge and want to win the games by going forward was much more noticeable then and I remember myself being surprised when looking at how fast the team were turning the game and attacking when they played against Blackburn and Fulham. We got to get back to that!

With Kightly back in better form than he was in those first games we have the quality and strength in width that we need against Tottenham. Actually I want us to play more like them and with our 4-4-2-formation and Kites and Jarvo at the wings we could do it. The crux, though, is that we don’t have no Modric or Parker in the inner midfield to engine our way up the pitch. With them in Wolves I would have no worries for the game in London.

I peeped at the Tottenham-Everton game and it’s clear to me that they play a very handsome and beautiful game at the moment. They are the in form team in the league and the pundits don’t give us a chance in this game, and rightly so. They played Livermore instead of Parker in the middle, but Parker is reported to be back in contention now and my guess is that he will play.

How should we play against such a force? Despite us losing at Molineux I wrote that we could have won that game if we only had got the first goal. Because we begin the games with the whole team playing too low on the field we have in my humble opinion lost a lot of games by inviting other teams to attack us without us having the ability to turn the game fast and counter attack, an ability we had early on in the season.

One interesting detail in the Tottenham tactics is that they have Bale waiting for them to take control of the ball in a central position on their own half and when they do he goes on attack immediately. That’s how it should work and we got Jarvo who could play that role. What I’m saying is that there are lots of little things that our manager could do to give the team the opportunity to be better and faster in their counter attacks. Use that brain of yours, mr McCarthy!

I think we can do better than Everton did and maybe even snatch a point in this game. If everybody play at the height of their ability and McCarthy play the right team and gives them the ability to do their best, nothing is impossible and we got everything to win. This is a challenge and an opportunity and could be the start of a new beginning.

What will the Wolves team look like then?  No surprises at the back, I reckon. Foley is back in contention, but he will stay on the bench and Stearman will start at  right back. In many ways I prefer Foley, especially for his good passing skills and way to move forward. He is a wing-back, but Stears is not and will never be. At his best Stears is a very good defender, though, and a fighter. Against Tottenham we could do with a third central defender kind of player so he comes in handy in these games.

The midfield is hard to predict. Henry will be on for sure, but who will play beside him? I would opt for giving Frimpong the chance and maybe Mick will do just that. I believe Kights will start on the right and I hope Jarvo will start on the left, but Mick could start with Hunty aswell, but we need a fast runner like Jarvo in the team, both for defensive and attacking purposes. If Jarvo starts it would be right balance with Frimpong and Henry as a defensive lock in the midfield, with Milijas and Henry Hunt would be the right player on the left wing, that’s how I think about the matter.

What’s wrong with Doyler? I don’t know, but Mick is shouting at him like to a dog from the side and he seem not to be comfortable (perhaps because Mick shouts like to a dog at him). In what position does Mick want to play him? It seems like Mick want him as an inner midfielder when defending and as a winger when attacking. Weird. Maybe he is good if he is allowed to play as a striker?

Apart from Sylvan Ebanks-Blake running offside all the time he looks good, explosive and in form. I can see him score if he can stay behind the offside line until the pass comes, but will he play from start? I think not. Fletcher will or Mick must have brain surgery. To the probable starting elevens then.




~ by paddytheflea on January 13, 2012.

15 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Tottenham v Wolves”

  1. Paddy i think you will see red one of Frimpong or Hendry could be off or even both. This is why Wenger has loaned him out he is a good player but a mad tackler Bale will find him out running down the middle. We are not on top form because of Harry playing 4411 too accommodate Van Der Vaart and he has only scored one goal since October he and Ady will be chomping at the bit too score along with Lennon and Bale.

  2. Think he will play 4-5-1 tomorrow

    Foley, Johnson, Berra, Ward
    Hunt, Milijas, Henry, Frimpong, Jarvis

  3. Funniest thing i’ve read in years & years !!!
    U honestly believe that u have a chance of a point ???
    How funny r u ! Ever thought of going on stage ?

  4. Paddy,Im not sure about this game think we may go
    Stearman Berra Johnson Ward
    Kightly Milijas Henry Frimpong Jarvis

    I’d prefer to see Foley play than Stearman as Steara always puts his arms around the attackers resulting in fouls around the area.

    A point would be fantastic, but spurs are in form so could be a tough game

    • We’ve always, at leat with McCarthy, played 4-4-2 against Tottenham, so I believe you’re wrong Birchy.

  5. I think you will find that it will be Foley instead of Stearman and maybe SEB instead of Doyle, but I would go with your selection but with Foley in.

    • I actually hope you’re right johnwolf. I would like both SEB and Foley to start, but I don’t think Mick will go with that.

  6. i think youve got the starting line up spot on there paddy. Iv got to say that i would rather foley play than stears, but mick seems to be adamant with playing stears.
    i hope your wrong with the SEB selection johnwolf, it hurts me to say it but he has shown in his 2 and half top flight seasons that he simply isnt cut out for the big time.

    keep up the good work paddy, great blogs every week mate!
    up the wolves!

  7. … and maybe Piquionne features in the match at some point or another.
    He’s not exactly a proven goalscorer in championship for Portsmouth. He can do marvels with he’s abilities – let’s hope he will play at his best for us. Definetly a wild card.

  8. Teams are in
    Hennessey, Foley, Berra, Johnson, Ward, Kightly, Henry, Frimpong, Jarvis, Edwards, Fletcher.
    SUBS: De Vries, Elokobi, Stearman, Milijas, Hunt, Doyle, Ebanks-Blake.

    So maybe a 4-5-1 although wont know until they line up before kick off. I think he will be trying to pack the midfield to give us a fighting chance of keeping the ball. moving to 4-3-3 when we have possession maybe???

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