Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Aston Villa

A blogger friend of mine reports unrest among the Wolves fans and some of my friends are past the boiling point aswell. I suppose that it’s not totally fair though if they measure the strength of Wolves from a couple of cup-games with our second tier, but those games didn’t leave much to rejoice about for sure.

The only players who came out of the home game against Birmingham with their pride still intact were young right back Doherty and, not counting precision, Adam Hammill. Hunty and Doyler were among the worst and apart from Berra I don’t want any of the ones starting that game to start against Villa, and they probably wont.

Taking the above reverse to make it a positive you could say that manager McCarthy will get the first eleven right, I suppose, but I’m still very disappointed about his tactics in the games this season. Wolves desperately need to play some good football now or this season will be the one when we go down.

In our first season in the Premiership we fought hard against the odds with a basically championship team that rose to the occasion to stay in the league. Last season we played some good football and managed to beat some of the best teams in the league, but were minutes from getting relegated. This year a team that’s supposed to be better than the previous two seasons has shown us nothing in play nor in results.

I remember watching the bleach face of Morgan in the stands when Wolves were minutes from going down last May. He probably looked with the inside of his eyelids at the £80M that were about to fly out the window of his mansion if Wolves had gone down.  I’m sure he doesn’t want to relive that moment again at any price less than that amount of money.

So for Wolves chairman and owner Steve Morgan – as for the fans – this is a very important game. Preventive action has to be taken if we don’t win at home against our neighbours from Birmingham, either by finding star quality players or a star quality manager.

As I still believe we have the players to stay up I think the latter is what mr Morgan should go for, and I hope that he has an emergency plan in place. Good businessmen tend to have just that.

As a tip to Mr Morgan i can mention that Rafa Benitez, who was the manager of Liverpool when he was a part owner of that club, seem to be unemployed. With an FA Cup and a Champions League win to prove it, he seem to know some stuff about footballing.

To the game, then. Wolves still have O’Hara, Zubar and Craddock out injured and Edwards in doubt. In Villa Heskey and Jenas are out. Villa usually play a straight 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. Against us it will surely be the former. With former Wolves player Robbie Keane on loan they have the firepower upfront to do that. I don’t think he will play from start, though.

We will find it hard to do the same with Doyle totally out of form and Ebanks-Blake not finding the net with a flashlight and monoculars. It has to be 4-4-1-1 for Wolves. If Edwards is injury free he will play right behind Fletcher, otherwise he may even try Keogh in that role.

The result? Everybody seems to predict a draw. For Villa that is probably a good result, but not for Wolves. I would like to believe that our players will show their innate quality when best needed and win this game. 2-1 to Wolves, goals by Fletcher and Jarvis. Probable starting elevens below.

UP THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



~ by paddytheflea on January 20, 2012.

8 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Aston Villa”

  1. I agree with the team line up but would prefer not to see Kightly play he isn’t remotely good enough at this level and will be out played by Ireland and Agbonlahor. I would prefer to see Hammill start again I sense he is nearing a break through point and given the chance will shine.

    On that note are we really crazy enough to loan him out to our major rivals in the relegation fight ie Wigan and Blackburn-I can’t see that makes any sense at all but I know Mick doesn’t like him for some reason.

    Sadly I am not feeling confident at all as the good ship McStubborn shows signs of sinking. Question is will he stay until the bitter end or abandon early as there is no way Mr Deadrow will part with the money to sack him and hire someone else.

    I see it 2-1 to Villa with Keane scoring the winner at 90 mins-of course!!

    • As I wrote he may part with much more if this goes on without any improvement. Sooner rather than later he will have to take action and it could be after this game if we don’t win it.

    • Kightly had his best game for some time against Spurs so I hope he continues against Villa. Hammill has potential but he lacks the composure of Kightly. MM will stick with Kightly.

      • I agree Kightly did have a goodish game at Spurs despite having to watch it from in the Spurs section of the south stand!! I still don’t think he is anywhere near good enough and will be embaressed if he is chosen tomorrow and he plays as I think he will.

        I also agree with the Hammill comments and he has to learn to pass the ball when moving forward but his delivery was the only positives my neutral friends noticed! In all fairness he is no different from Doyle in this respect as he is always running into the defence. What he does do is run at and unsettle the opposition and to be honest it breaks up some pretty dire play at times!

        Either way I don’t think MM is going anywhere soon-alas!

      • I would choose Kightly before Hammill, like I’m sure MM will. Kights is better at defending and much tougher than Hammill and that’s very needed. Foley and Kightly know each other very well on the pitch and Foles can trust Kights to go down and defend if he himself goes forward. With two working flanks it will be harder for opposition to defend and to double up against Jarvo on the left, but I wish we would have the tactics and players to play long balls and change flank fast to get through easier, but that’s a management issue and will not happen with MM.

  2. Think you have nailed the team Paddy. This is another big game for us but then they all are in this division. I take no notice of the cup defeat, it has no bearing on our league games at all so best to ignore it. Villa have a decent set of players and in Bent they have one of the most dangerous strikers in this league. Going to be another hard fought match, I can’t see it being a classic but plenty of huff and puff . That will suit Wolves and with Henry and Frimpong ploughing their way through midfield that may be enough to tilt the balance in our favour. A close match but I see Wolves coming out winning by 3-1 after going 1 down – Bent to start the scoring, Fletcher, Jarvis and a headed goal for Johnson for the Wolves.

  3. Easy 4-0 to the villa only joking 1 goal in it either way, looking forward to visiting the custard bowl later today. UTV

  4. bloody hell change the record – Mick is staying, anyone who has been insulted and rebuked on a daily basis knows it’s not nice, you lot would probably go crying to the wife or mummy if it happened to you.
    Do you really think Mick is happy with the way things are, do you really think that the players are happy with were we are, of course not – but your constant belly aching is doing nobody any favors, most fans are fed up of going to matches and hearing the same old garbage coming out of so called fans gobs.
    “IF” we go down – will you be there next season? just like you supported the club in the dark day’s of the 4th division? or will you wait until we are back in the prem then you can brag about what wonderful loyal fans you are. GIVE IT A REST! WHAT IS TO BE WILL BE.

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