Wolves Arsenal loanee Frimpong fit to face Liverpool

At first there were information that the kick in the face midfielder Frimpong received against the Villians Saturday had broken his jaw and he was going to be out for three months. Fortunately that was a foregone conclusion.

Hospital checks showed that nothing was broken and when he was in for a recheck yesterday of his left eye, everything was as it should be when it comes to his sight also. Apart from the bruising and that he is very swollen in the face, that is.

So its very happy news for Wolves and Arsenal, but maybe not for Liverpool as he will be back in training on Friday and a very probable pick for the starting eleven against Liverpool next Tuesday.

Frimpong was – together with Michael Kightly – the best player in Wolves when they played Villa Saturday and is beginning to build a reputation among the Wolves faithful as a tough, solid midfielder with great skills going forward.

As Wolves are fighting for survival in the league the team are in great need of the skills Frimpong has shown in the engine room.

(Still) manager Mick McCarthy said to the press yesterday:

“Frimpong will be OK for Liverpool. He went to hospital with the doctor yesterday and he will be fine. He will go to see a specialist on Thursday and I expect him to train on Friday, so fingers crossed, he’ll be fine. There’s no damage to his eye, he’s just got a bruised face.”

Not equally good news about the recovery of Jamie O’Hara, though. He is back in light training, but it will take another two weeks before he will be available after his hernia operation. Hopefully he can play a role against Rangers, but more probable in the derby against the team down the road.



~ by paddytheflea on January 24, 2012.

3 Responses to “Wolves Arsenal loanee Frimpong fit to face Liverpool”

  1. Phew! Great news.

  2. This is good news. The best player in a Wolves shirt.

  3. Good news about Frimpong less good news that we seem to be looking to him to save us-no presure there then on a 20 yr old newbie!-we could make him captain to really overwhelm him of course that has done the trick on Johnson.
    Had to smile at O’Hara’s tweet that he is kicking the ball around ok now but having trouble with the long balls-so back to normal then!
    On a serious note I see that McStubboirn says “his” players could do no more and are delivering everything they can to “him”. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see that from everyone and by the way it may be the best selection on the day but the squad is simply not good enough. Again correct me if I’m wrong but the squad is wholly the Managers responsibility and we all cried out for strengthening last June and got squat, so surprise surprise Mc Donnut we are here again in Jan scrambling for none existant players on the transfer market (seem familar??)
    Not a huge surprise that no one with half an ounce of talent wants to come to us as a perm transfer really is it? Low wages, hard graft prized over skill and creativeness, likely to be played out of best position, limited support, poor prospects, and every chance of being a Championship player next season.. Not the ideal career move 😦

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