Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Liverpool

Here we go again. Last day of the transfer window and we’re all waiting for at least a striker after offloading Vokes as a loan and sold Keogh. Surely 3M must bring in at least one striker, and hopefully one with som class and skills?!

Well, that’s very important of course, but of more immediate importance is the game tonight at the Mol. O’Hara played for one half of the reserves game against Fulham yesterday and I’m glad he will be back soon, but of course not yet to this game. Craddock played all game and will be ready if picked against QPR, and so will probably Jamie.

Wolves have Carl Henry out serving his three match ban for a red card aswell. A friend of mine looked up our results without Henry the last two seasons and it was win, draw and loss 4-5-1. Not a bad result. We should have been a mid-table team without Henry, something I mentioned already in the beginning of this season.

Manager Dalglish in Liverpool will have problems who to pick for this game after playing the Manchester teams one after another in the cups. Very impressing to go through in both, but now its the third game in seven days. Its bound to affect their play and I believe that Dalglish will benefit to pick the fresh ones before class. But he has used their squad really smart so far and maybe he will  keep the boat afloat, despite rough weather.

The BBC and others speculates in Wolves playing 4-4-2 because we don’t have enough midfielders with O’Hara and Henry out, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I believe that Liverpool has learned a lesson against Bolton away and will play 4-5-1 aswell, allthough they have Bellamy as an extra forward on the wing.

Milijas will be picked with Frimpong in the engine room of Wolves, with Edwards playing behind Fletcher when attacking. With Milijas and Frimpong covering the back four and feeding Jarvo and Kightly respectively on the flanks we will have very good options in attack. I hope Milijas has his left foot in order for this game and I hope for some distance shooting. I look forward to this game!

Dinner soon and then preparing for the game so I’ll better cut this short. The result will be a Wolves win. Not because we are lucky or because the Liverpool players are exhausted. Because we are the better team with the players we have to our disposal in this game and we play at home. 3-1 to Wolves! The probable starting elevens below.




~ by paddytheflea on January 31, 2012.

10 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Liverpool”

  1. Sheer madness, two strikers leaving the club plus one creative midfielder, to be replaced by diddly squat. Sums up the lack of ambition at the club, seems Morgan is happy to see us go down providing we make a profit. I only hope it comes back to haunt him, he has ripped us all off and hung us out to dry. If as I suspect, we lose the next two games, where will that leave us, it will see us facing the Baggies with civil war erupting on the terraces. Remember that whatever else goes wrong now, the buck stops at Morgan’s door. At least he will get to see his first love win tonight.

  2. 1-0 to Wolves

    Does somebody know how much money we got for Keogh?

    I’m awaiting and expecting a loan signing tonight. Maynard is off to West ham. The rumour has it that they’ve agreed upon a fee of 2,5 mill.
    Just about the right price for Maynard.

  3. About £4.50p

  4. Didn’t use my season ticket tonight-how glad am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boys and men.. On the bright side passing was brilliant to Liverpool!

    We are relegated 😦

  5. Nice business for Wolves in January, made a profit and took 7 players off the wage bill, what does 2 wins in 21 games matter when weighed against making a profit. Just surprised Morgan didn’t have his Liverpool scarf on tonight, still on the bright side maybe he can go back to merseyside with them because he is no use to us. Can’t wait to see how they can put a positive spin on this one, still since tonight was a sell out, maybe they don’t need to.

  6. We have the odds against us now that Qpr have strengthened. They have bought two star players. Bolton have replaced Cahill plus added a couple of other players. I’ve tried to stay positive all the time, but now it is very difficult to see even a ray of light in the doom and gloom atmosphere surrounding our club. We have a board and a manager that looks paralyzed. I think we still have a team that can finnish off in the 17 th position, but not higher than that.

    Surprise me!!

  7. Bassong signs for Wolves! A ray of the sun shineth through

  8. Well Paddy 3-1 was a tad optimistic with hindsight. Don’t think we had 3 shots on target let alone score 3 goals….. Time to send for Jody.

  9. The shot from Ebanks was smashing though – deserved a better destiny

  10. It certainly was! We need a few more long-range attempts like that I think – can’t remember the last one we scored from outside the box. If you don’t shoot you can’t score as someone once said.

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