The board of Wolverhampton Wanderers has  announced that manager Mick McCarthy, has left the Club with immediate effect, writes the official Wolves site. Terry Connor will take over until a new manager is appointed.

So, its very good news in my opinion and my time as a blogger on strike was only to last a few hours. 😆

Congratulations to the board and Chairman Morgan for taking a very sound descision and let the speculation on who to replace McCarthy begin. As it is almost two weeks to the next game this is a very good time to get a new manager settled in and I’m sure Mr Morgan already has a couple of names in his notebook to interview.

At the same time. Let us not forget what Mick has done for the club. He was the manager to take us up to the best league in the world and to keep us there for now three seasons.

I believe he is the best manager Wolves have had for thirty years or so, but he couldn’t raise himself to be an accomplished Premier League manager.

In fact these are very rare, but there are a few out there who have proven themselves at this level and my hopes now resst in that the Wolves board will find the right one to keep us at this level and make Wolves into a competitive Premier League team next season.

Paddytheflea 😆

P.S. I will of course jump straight onto the next managers hair as soon as he is appointed. I hope he will have more of it than Mick. D.S. 😆




~ by paddytheflea on February 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “MICK MCCARTHY SACKED!”

  1. A sad, difficult but ultimately necessary decision. MM did a great job in getting us up where many big names before had failed dismally and we should always be grateful for that. I only hope the board haven’t left this too late as whoever comes in now will have to work with the squad they inherit. Can we get our loan players back I wonder 🙂

  2. Whilst not surprised at this decision I still feel it is the players who have let us down rather than Mick. With the limited talent available he has done as much as any manager could. Thanks for all your work Mick and wish you all the best for the future. Only person I would like to see take the job would be Alan Curbishley , talk of Warnock and Rafa is just laughable to me.

  3. Yesterday was shameful – the day was all about us and not Albion, it was that bad – in fact my worst day in 45 years at Molineux and I was at the Chorley games

    Terry CONNOR has to go also – in fact I blame him more than Mick – Terry CONNOR is 1st team coach and we keep making the same mistakes – so what does he do Mon thro Fri? He has been here since Mark McGee. His job is to make the players into better players and that simply is not and has not been happening. You can see the type of man he is ie. when we play well, he is alongside Mick in the technical area, but if we are bad he stands back and leaves Mick out there on his own.

    I know Mick had to go, and if it was my decision this would of happened a long time ago. In fact I admire Mick, but it was not happening. If Terry CONNOR had half of what Mick has, he would resign

    I doubt Steve Morgan reads this, but Jez Moxey has to be a major factor in our situation – I was disgusted by his interview before AVFC game when Football Focus came from Molineux. He stood, proud as punch and said that 17th place was this seasons target? WTF? that is our objective for a third season in the Premier League?

    Lets hope Steve Morgan will “man up” with CONNOR and MOXEY to follow Mick

    Despite all this I will say, Thank You Mick, and you will soon be back in the game – just get a better Assistant

  4. Mick has done a great job over the last 5 years but it was deffinately time for him to go. I’m very excited to see who’ll be the next manager and i would love to have Curbishley as sevlow said. i would NOT love to have rafa!
    Paddy: Where will you be living untill a new manager is appointed? Terry Connor surely doesnt have enough hair, does he?

    • I would love to live in the hair of Curbishley, Myc! And he has a brother that manages The Who so I might even get to meet Pete. 😆
      I actually stay with my friend the Vice Pres of Wolves Robbie Plant until our new manager is installed, Myc. A lot of hair, but still a little crowded, I’m afraid. 😆

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