Probable Team Lineups & TC: Newcastle v Wolves

A familiar face? It should be or it will become. Terry Connor has been employed in Wolves for thirteen  years now under four different managers. At first as reserves coach, later in the capacity as coach and assistant manager to the first team. He has gone the long way to become the manager of Wolves and I wish him success in that role.

The board of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC has been very criticised for the longevity of the process to appoint a new manager after sacking Mick McCarthy. Is that a just critique? I’m not so sure. They had three names – or maybe even more – on a shortlist a day or two after the sacking and worked on them. Part of the critique by Mr Swain in E&S and Mr Moxley at Daily Mail is that they didn’t have a shortlist quick enough. That’s not a fair critique.

The problem was that nobody on that list, maybe with the exception of Curbishley, had the full backing of the board after the first interviews. That meant that they had to expand the process to managers employed by other clubs and that is a time consuming process.  With the same luck as the little club down the road we would have had a new manager in four days tops.

Back to TC. This is what he said after the appointment to the official site:

“I’m obviously delighted to be appointed manager to the end of the season. I’m honoured to have such a prestigious position and am a proud man today. I’ve worked extremely hard over the years to get into a position where a Chairman and Chief Executive would see me as management material.”

“I worked closely with Mick for a number of years. We are two Yorkshireman but couldn’t be more different in our approaches. There are certain things we were very much together on and others where we disagreed like all people. We’ve had some great times and successes together but Mick’s got his way and I’ve got mine.”

He was the man who, with Mick not knowing what to do, brought on Doyler against Rangers changing the team formation to 4-3-3 and by that collecting three points to Wolves. Respect!

That tells me he has a good eye for the tactics of the game and dares to take on the opposition instead of waiting to be beaten, something I have watched MM do many a time. I really hope we will se a more modern playing Wolves team under TC and a team that can take charge over a game and go for it.

As I said he has served under our four latest managers and I’m sure he has picked up both what to do and, what might be more important, how not to do things on the way. Apart from the tea lady he is the man with the most Wolves DNA in the club and I can confirm that as I have now jumped to his head and already taken som hair samples. 😆

Football history is full of accomplished managers coming through by working as assistant managers. McDermott of Reading is one, the Scot Smith another. I’m totally behind the appointment of TC and I will support him, and of course the team, in the struggle to stay in the Premier League starting with the game against Newcastle tomorrow.

Both Wolves and Newcastle have had a nice rest for the last third of the season. Toon have some long term injuries on Best, Ameobi, Ranger and S. Taylor and  R Taylor is a slight doubt. In Wolves Fletcher is a slight doubt with illness but Bassong is back after a hamstring injury. I really hope Fletcher can play from start. Kightly is back from a back injury and will probably play from start with the option of Doyle coming on to the second half if Fletch is fit.

Newcastle will without doubt play with a 4-4-2 formation as they have done the last six games home and away. With new signing Cissé and Ba upfront. Will TC copy that? I hope not. It’s guess-work when we have a new manager, but I would go for a 4-2-3-1 with Fletcher upfront if he is fit, otherwise I would give Ebanks-Blake a go, keeping Doyle as a strong force to come on later.

We need a strong midfield to nip the Newcastle attack in the bud and prepare for our own attacks. I have a hope that the treatment of Milijas and Craddock will change under new management, but maybe TC will go slow with changes of the team?! Hard to say, really. Ward and Foley will be at the back, hopefully together with Craddock and Bassong, but Johnson and Bassong is the more probable choice.

What about the result, then? Has the uncertainty and the kicking of McCarthy had a negative impact on the team? I believe not and we cannot play worse than we did in the last game. Away way are unbeaten for two and a half months. Draws against Arsenal and Tottenham say that it is at home we have problems, not away.

Newcastle is a very good home team, though, and I would drink an extra pint, maybe two, if we take a point home from up north. Actually I would be pleased if we just show some spunk and that our new manager proves to us all that he is the right choice. Two all is my positive guess. Below the probable starting elevens for the game. Exciting! I can’t wait!





~ by paddytheflea on February 24, 2012.

10 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups & TC: Newcastle v Wolves”

  1. Edwards instead of Milijas and if fletch is not fit – doyler.
    Good luck to Terry, lets give him our support for the rest of the season.

    • Could understand your choice, johnwolf, but if Milijas is in good shape he offers more than Edwards and I believe SEB is worth a shot alone upfront if Fletch not fit. An alone Doyler upfront worked fine our first season in PL but this season he has not been able to take on defenders at all. Its in his head.

  2. Well said Paddy lets get behind the team and TC. Frankly I am glad we didnt employ some of the candidates who seem to have wasted no time bleating to the press. Mr Morgan will have learned a little from this, he is a sharp guy. TC deserves a chance he has been with us for 13 years so must have something.

    Like you I would have Craddock in the side, I know his shortcomings but we always seem a bit more solid with him there.

    My main worries: Johnson….. his poor clearances in the last game led to a couple of their goals. Just doesnt convince me.

    Ward, I love his attitude deserves his place but a Prem Left back he is not. If they start running at him and they will Jarvo will be totally neutrelized chasing back.

    O Hara, Again I love his attitude but gets caught in possesion too much and does spray it around to the other guys too much

    Come on me babbies.

  3. Connor is the man 🙂
    The timing went in his favor this time. Otherwise there would probably be managers ready to take over in short time. Imagine taking over a new team positioned in the relegation zone with only 13 matches left. It could be an advantage for the club not appointing a new manager. It eases the transition. I wish Connor good luck with his manager career – may it last long – the Connor era.

  4. Best Wishes T.C. & everyone @ wolves. From your fans in Western Canada.

  5. I don’t expect Terry Connor’s honeymoon period with the fans to last long – he’s not really got a lot to work with, and it’s a pretty tough opening fixture for him.

    But the die is cast until the summer. The one thing that might really work in his favour is the low expectation on him to actually achieve anything. Unfortunately, this might be very well founded!!

    That said, I’m glad he has been given the chance ahead of such candidates as Bruce and Warnock et al. Only Curbishley out of the names mentioned would have taken us further in my opinion. But Connor is a Wolves man, so I would love to see him succeed – I just can’t really see it happening, though..

    • I agree its a tough opening, Steve B, but the rest of the fixtures are easier than our competitors have sp TC stands a good chance – over 50% in my opinion – to take us clear over the relegation line come May.
      UP THE WOLVES!!!

  6. Phew…. I thought we might end up with Bruce for a while there. Once Curbishley said no (would love to know the reasons behind this btw) none of the other names filled me with confidence. OK so TC isn’t exactly welcomed with open arms by most supporters but let’s be positive. Remember Alan Pardew’s reception at Newcastle and look at him now.

  7. How pleasant to see an absence of negativity in an article and so far, in the majority of responses.
    I am disappointed that the local newspaper has still chosen to run down the Board and particularly the Chairman. I remain convinced that he has the club’s long-term future at heart and is a safe pair of hands. I also believe that he is well able to weather the torrent of written abuse directed at him from the fickle brigade. As they say, empty vessels make the most sound.
    Good luck to TC and the boys.

    • Thank you, bergwolf. Most media paints a false picture of what has happened and then they critisise Morgan and Moxey from their own false understanding of events. Many fans buy that, I’m afraid. Where would Wolves be today without Morgan? Fighting it out in League One or two perhaps. The players are behind TC and they will fight to their teeth for him which means a lot in a fight for survival. Time for a beer. 😆 UP THE WOLVES!

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