Probable Team Lineups: Fulham FC v Wolves

Another hard one for sure, but we  managed to bring a point home from one of the best teams on their home ground last weekend, so why not? We’re on a role when it comes to matches away so let’s role on!

The team by the Thames are always a hard match at home, but we managed to beat them at our place. They’ve got some fancy Russian kid up front now, but I’m not bothered about that. More concerned about their ability to play a good game in midfield, really. And about that Dempsey guy. He’s quality.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that TC fights two matches away before bringing the show back home, and we have not lost on the road since 10th of December against United. The Londoners are hereby warned, we are able to beat any team regardless of who in charge at Wolverhampton.

Fulham have a reputation of being a well composed team that always end up in the middle of the league come May. A dream for Wolves for sure. They last lost to United at home on the 21st of December. Hungry Wolves can change that.

We’re still on top of our league. Our mini-league is about five teams trying to stay up in the best league of the world. This is how it looks at the moment, with Wolves having one match less played than the others:


1. Queens Park Rangers FC 27 – 18 22
2. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 26 – 22 22
3. Blackburn FC 27 – 21 22
4. Bolton Wanderers FC 27 – 27 20
5. Wigan FC 27 – 29 20

This is all that matters in my world. The fancy teams playing in that other league, I’m not bothered. As far as I’m concerned as a fan everything for the rest of this season is about coming first or second in this league or we’re going down, folks. That should be the concern of the players aswell. As we’ve got a match less than everybody else we are in a good position to take the lead. Could we do that?

They are solid at home, more so than Newcastle. Jol is an experienced manager against our TC, still wet behind his ears. We have a great squad to choose among for this encounter in my opinion, Fletcher is reported to be fit again and so is Bassong. I believe TC will play both from start. What about Doyle then who played so well at Newcastle? Could Foley make room for him on the right wing? I believe so, I hope TC looks more to creative players than McCarthy and Doyler in form can not be left out of the team despite Foley playing well and Fletcher being our best goalscorer by far.

Another option would be to play Fletcher as a number ten right behind Doyler in the same role as O’Hara, but maybe a little more up front. That would release Jamie, playing with injury, to rest and make the team more dangerous for the opposition defense going forward. But will our midfield be strong enough to cope with that defensively? Maybe not and that will probably be to daring for TC to try at the moment

As Bassong is fit again I believe TC will play him and Johnson as I think that is our strongest option as central defenders regardless of Berra and Stearman playing well against Newcastle. That’s what I mean about having a strong squad. In defence and attack we have options and I believe that Bassong will prove to be a class player and there were signs that Johnson teams upp well with him, the reason why he was hired really.

Fulham have no recent injury problems except the Kelly guy and will play a 4-5-1-formation. They will therefore be harder to crack than Newcastle. It’s safety first for them, even at home, and they take a point without regarding it as a catastrophe, even against us. And that is in fact the most probable result in the game.

So it will be kind of a 4-5-1-formation for us aswell, hopefully with an edge of an in form Doyler on the wing and Jarvis on the other. Fulham are better at playing the ball around than Newcastle which means we have to fight to get into the game. If we play it out on our wings we will have the chance to score if enough players will go forward, Wr got to dare to win this one and to risk losing it on the counter. Are we up to it?

Probable starting elevens below.




~ by paddytheflea on March 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Probable Team Lineups: Fulham FC v Wolves”

  1. I hope you’re right about the team.

    Ruiz also very much a Fulham danger man.

  2. Hope the defensive 2 keep the shape today, we can’t have dembele taking pot shots an running at our defence. Come on fletch bag as a few

  3. our 4-5-1 always seems to work better against a team playing 4-4-2 so it will be interesting to see how it pans out today.

    i hope zubar carries on his attacking runs, he has the ability to take on a man, rare in a right back and worked well with Foley last week.

    I agree Bassong should start, not sure about Johnson, but maybe he will have some fire in his belly after being dropped and deserves another chance.

    it is difficult to leave Fletcher out, but Doyle has come good the last couple of games and more like his old self. Perhaps TC will be brave and leave Doyle up front, or maybe you will be right and Foley will be dropped to make room for Doyle on the pitch on the right.

    It is difficult to know how TC’s mindset compares to Mick, but I think Mick would have thought ‘away game – foley on the right as he is a more defensive midfielder’. Will be interesting to see TC’s approach over the rest of the season. UTW!

  4. Me thinks it will probably be the same again, or he might put fletcher on the wing, I think it will be has printed in the local rag:
    Hennessey, Zuber, Stearman, Berra, Ward, Kites, Foles, Henry, Jarvo, O’Hara and Doyler. subs- Johnson, Bassong, Milijas, Hunt, Fletch, SEB and De Vries. hope for a win to shut fulhams boo boy’s up and show them we are a premiership team, just hope the team don’t freeze with all the negativity that is bound to come from the fulham lot re: Zamora and the fair tackle by Henry.
    Come on me babies remember september 1959? althogh I think 9.0 is a bit beyond us, 1.0 will do, but will settle for a draw.
    Next week is a “big” six pointer, but that’s to come.
    We are Wolves……………………

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