Probable Lineups: Wolves v Bolton

This is it! No more excuses! We are Wolves and this time it’s about sink or swim and we are fu**ing swimming today or we go down!

I did not watch last game live so I did not want to relate my thoughts about it to you. We lost but I believe it was a step forward, but we need more than that to beat Bolton. Surprised as I was by the resilience of the inner midfield made up by newcomer Jonsson and Edwards, that wont be enough to beat the Bolton team with former Wolves player Mark Davies among others.

Perhaps we will find ourselves paying for the mistakes made by our former manager in not letting our young ones play a role though buying young players all over with questionable quality. Mark was one of the very best that has come out of the Wolves Academy and McCarthy didn’t pay attention to him, Now our former manager spills his guts about how good he was at escaping relegation while our former ace can bring us down. Shame on you, Mr McCarthy!

I used to love this game, but I admit now it has become a burden in my life. Like most of us when the team does not perform I am in agony. There’s no way to escape though, no way out, just to endure and fight it out and sheer for your team and hope for the best. We’re in deep sh*t and we know it. This is probably our last chance to straight it out, if we do it’s a fantastic escape, if we don’t it’s back to the CC and what? Uncertainty!

Henry is not among my favorite Wolves players but probably has something to offer when it comes to stability in defending from midfield tomorrow. He will play. Johnson and Bassong will be our central defenders and Ward is as certain on the left back as Hennessey is at goal. But what about right back? Stearman did a good job acting almost as a third cental defender, perhaps something Wolves need?! On the other hand Zubar is available now and he is a better choice going forward. My choice would be both – Stears at the back and Zubar at the wing, but TC has many other options for these positions.

What about the formation then? Well, as they played a 4-4-2 away we will surely play it at home. It will be Henry and Edwards and why not? I am thrilled we have not tried that earlier on, despite other options it sounds good to me. That is if we have options on the wings that could go forward.

That makes it possible to play both Fletcher and Doyle up-front. Doyler would not be my choice, though, but it will be the choice of TC based on merit. Rightly so or not I have always claimed that Ebanks-Blake has not been given a proper chance. He has something that made him two times a golden boot winner in the CC and the step up should not be too far if it is smoothed by the right manager and the right circumstances. in my opinion.

So what will the result be for this match, that will probably decide our faith for the next couple of years? I think we will win it if we play it well. then we will have about a 40% chance of escaping degradation and the club and TC will have the fans behind them. But this is the last chance. Everybody knows that. Win or swim. Or drown and go down. Three against one for Wolves, but watch out for Mark Davies!



~ by paddytheflea on March 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Probable Lineups: Wolves v Bolton”

  1. It’s unfair to say Mick never noticed davies, the guy was “ALWAYS” injured, and who do you think it was that recommended that the club give him a new contract.
    Any other club or manager would have got rid of him a long ago because of his constant “sick” notes, but has soon as bolton came sniffing he couldn’t wait to run – judas b*****d, and that’s loyalty for the club looking after him whilst he was out!
    And before anybody has a go at me -think on, if it was Henry or Stearman what would your comments be then.

  2. Paddy talk to us – we are worried you have comitted hara-kari in response to our plight! Either that or you have gone off to the same planet as Terry Conner who evidentally still believes we can avoid relegation….

  3. C’mon Paddy, missing your insight.

  4. Play the young players and give them a taste of what they will be striving for in promotion next year.

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