Is The Season Over Yet?

Hey folks! Is the season over yet? TC must have taken some treatment against fleas, cause I was knocked out already in March after the Bolton game and didn’t come to my senses til recently. To be a flea or a bee is no way easy or free, believe me!

Nobody supporting Wolves had a nice time last season, though. The team did not reach its potential and several players held their heads between their knees, not the right position to score and win games.

But enough with the past now. Like most teams, apart from Pompey, Wolves got a future and my opinion is that it look as bright as the sun in July. 😆

Let’s face it. We’re down there now. There’s only one way to go now but up and we all have a ticket to that ride. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that its gonna be easy – I’ve just heard that eigheen out of the twenty-four teams competing in the Championships the upcoming season has played in the Premiership – and you can bet on that all of them are thinking they’ve got a chance to knock on the door and get in there again.

So Ståle Solbakken it is. The first manager in Wolves history from outside of the British Isles. A bold move from the board – no matter what they say. Ståle means steel and that is exactly what we need this season. Solbakken – one of my norwegian friends tells me – means sunny hill. That sounds good aswell but his head looks like a sunny hill without grass and unfortunately it does not make a good habitat for fleas so I have had to look for other accommodation.

I will not be able to watch all games this season but I will report from the ones I attend of course. My reports will not be as frequent as they usually are, but maybe more interesting as I will discuss tactics and formations more than before. I believe this will come naturally as Mr Steel and his young sidekick Johan Lange are said to be accomplished in this area, something we are not used to as Wolves fans, at least not for the last six years or so.

So what do we know and what could we speculate on about the upcoming season from the facts we already got?

It’s a new start. Ståle will present new and fresh ideas and he and Lange will transform the way the team play – hopefully and very probable in my opinion, to the better. I read somewhere that Ståle is a 4-4-2 guy. That’s not true. He usually form his teams in a modern 4-2-3-1-formation or a 4-4-1-1 dito. As a former star midfielder in Norway he will have a better eye for how to play in that part of the field than MM and TC had. That is important. Perhaps not so important in the Championships as in the Premiership, though, because much less of the action is played out in that area in the Championship.

I hope for a more direct approach in play and that the team can move fast forward from the middle of the pitch as well as from the wings. We have the runners who can play that game if they only are instructed to do so. I would like – as before last season – that a proper inner midfield playmaker is brought into the team. Wolves do need a playmaker as much as fish need water. Again though, more in the Premiership than the Championship.

Everybody is complaining about our back four but that is not completely fair in my book. They were often laid bare and alone by an absent midfield last season and a couple of seasons before that. We need to build a team with the same idea on how to play and I do hope that the roles and responsibilities between the midfield and the back line is sorted out once and for all.

Many of the players from last time we were in the CC are still with us. They are better and more experienced today, but they must not forget the enthusiasm and hunger that kept them going forward then. Without that in the team we risk to stay in this league a lifetime. Much of this spirit is brought to the players from the supporters. We are catalysing energy by our behaviour on the stands. Don’t forget that folks! They need us, perhaps more than ever in the beginning of the upcoming season.

If we want to see Premier League football on Molineux in the foreseeable future we must not take notice of the shortcomings of individual players first hand, but to applaud the things they do well. That’s the proper way to bring up a child as well as elevating a football team.

The Flea Is Back – With A Vengeance!   😆



~ by paddytheflea on July 19, 2012.

14 Responses to “Is The Season Over Yet?”

  1. Great to see you back Paddy ! 🙂
    Looking forward to the new season with a new manager. I think Stale will be a great success at Wolves.

  2. Great to see your return, you’re blog was only positive at times last season. Hoping to see an accomplished wolves team this season with changeable ways of playing……

  3. Welcome back! I agree last seen was a complete nightmare, hope this season, with a bit of tactical nous & organisation, some of our so called “flops” can really shine. Love to see Milijas run the midfield this season.

  4. Thanks for coming back Paddy–we missed you and your insightful comments–really didn’t enjoy being flea-free!!!-after all–wolves are dogs and dogs have fleas!! There’s a lot of renewed hope after all that despair.

    • Thank you, el lobo loco! Yes, I am very hopeful and if we can keep most of the best players I believe we have a good chance of getting out of this league at first try.

  5. Have to say Paddy i think you’re wrong, the back four were a disgrace last season and needs almost a complete overhaul with some emphasis on pace. Berra and maybe Zubar could stay but the rest were outpaced and outclassed, i applaud the effort but its not enough. Henry is another that the club has outgrown, he was so exposed last season, he fit the MM mould of putting in a shift but his lack of ability was highlighted on many occasions. When i here of us considering offering Jody another contract i shudder, by all means give the guy a coaching position but his time on the pitch at this level should be over. I for one would like to see some young expressive talent brought in, guys that can grow and improve in the premier league.
    The days when we buy players that can get us promoted but cannot improve when we do should be over. I look forward to the new season and hope it brings the success we all want and deserve. Good to see you back paddy.

    • My analysis is that it is not an individual issue, but a tactical one to sort out our defence and I do believe that Mr Steel knows how to do it.

  6. 3 of the defenders have played in the premiership and managed to survive, only Roger Johnson was new last season, so I think we have a defence that can deal with championship, if the players could regain their confidence. Demidov could have been the player we needed but championship isn’t exactly the most attractive league to play in so he’ll probably choose top football in Germany. Maybe loans from top clubs in premier is the easiest way of aquireing quality defenders? The scandinavian market may come in handy also.

    Otherwise I’d say the sun shines bright on tv. I’ll follow this blog in the next season, as it is one of the two best wolves blogs around.

    • Thank you for the praise of my simple effort, Karlir. Mr Steel will sort our defence out, I’m sure. No surprise that you want Scandinavian players in, but I’m not sure that there are that many good enough. All the good ones are already taken to clubs in Britain or Germany.

  7. Yeah, welcome back Paddy, always enjoyed your blog apart from your strange admiration for Ebanks-Blake. Same with Karlir who seems to be in denial of last season. Can’t get my head round opinion that players who failed miserably in the Premiership (including Karl Henry) will somehow be ok for the Championship ! Unfortunately the surgery required may take a while and some may be disappointed next season but I want to see a squad that can move on after promotion and not battle relegation for three years. This lot simply ain’t good enough !

    • loss after loss programs our brains to a certain degree, so I can’t say I’m certain myself. One central defender and a left fullback, if Elokobi leaves, should do it.

      The two attackers we bought are very exciting, and I think they both fit Mr. Steel’s style of play perfect. Then we have talents like Forde and Ismail.
      We have an exciting team. If it’s quality is good enough to dominate Championship is another question. There are many strong teams in the division, so nothing is certain. If we could hold on to Jarvis, we’d have a player which can dominate in premiership, so he’s the most important player to keep. Fletcher is clinical, but I believe Sigurdarson can replace him if he leaves. Time will show.

    • Thank you, bemused wolf! As I said above I’m not of the opinion that it is some of the individual players that are’nt good enough. The tactics of MM and TC was not good enough in my opinion. Mr Steel looks to take much more tactics into the team now and I’m sure Wolves will look like a completely different team with the same players this season.

  8. Hey Paddy, great to see you back! The return of the flea! Should be an interensting season 🙂

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