Pre Season Thoughts

It was no surprise to me that Wolves decided to put Sam Vokes out for sale and sold Adlène Guédioura to Forest.

Let’s face it. Vokes looked like a future star striker when he first came to us from Bournemouth, but he could not fulfill that first promise and will not be able to compete with our other strikers for a place in the first team. Will he end up in Burnley or maybe Brighton? I don’t know, but I wish him good luck in the future. He is a hard working professional and deserves the best.

Many supporters believe that Wolves did the wrong thing to sell Guédi to Nottingham Forest. I’m not one of them. He is a force going forward and has a very good right foot, but having said that we must not forget his shortcomings. Sometimes he is sloppy with the ball and he is not as good in the defensive work as going forward. He often tries to hold on to the ball too long and loses it to an opponent, sometimes starting dangerous counters. We have several midfielders better than him. Good luck to him, though. Maybe Forest can get more out of him than we did, it will be interesting to follow his career.

It seems that the pre-season tour to Ireland was a success as usual. I wish I had the opportunity to visit Bray ones again. I was there a couple of years ago and it’s a gem of a town with a beach a mile long and beautiful houses (some of them public) 😆

A clip has been published by the club from the match against Bray – which as you all know by now – resulted a 5-1 win for Wolves. Not surprising at all and the result is not important. What is important is how the team played and what changes by Solbakken that can be spotted.

I think two things are visible as changes in the way Wolves play under Mr Steel. Firstly he wants the full-backs to be full wing-backs, moving up high following their winger. The winger often play back to their companion who will get a better position to cross the ball into the area. It was very fruitful in this game.

The other thing that’s noticeable is that the whole team is higher up the pitch than we are used to. Partly that may depend on the opponents, of course, but I think we will see a further forward going Wolves this season with only the central defenders and maybe one of the midfielders left behind. That results in more options when attacking and we are able to press our opponents better, but of course also a vulnerability at the back.

I like both these changes and look forward to see more of this and other tactical dispositions made by the new management.




~ by paddytheflea on July 25, 2012.

12 Responses to “Pre Season Thoughts”

  1. Paddy, Is this site affiliated to the club or part funded by the club? I accept you are giving us your opinion,but it does seem to be very much in accordance with the party line.Why no mention of how well Guediuora did at Forest last season. His style of play and aggression might well be more suited to the Championship and hence could have been very useful to us next season. I think he was sold for non footballing reasons,lots of rumours,yet you make no mention of this. We already have too many Moxey mouthpieces,please give us more pros and cons.

    • chris you also fail to mention that gued told the forest fans at the end of last season that “he will be back” all being well, he also said on twitter that something special was going to happen and that it’s a secret – that same day he signed for forest, he used that extra week given to him by his parent club to arrange his move, has for how well he did for them – who the F*&* cares, he had NO intention of coming back to us – good riddance I say, never rated him, we have much, much better players.

  2. I thought Paddy gave some very good and relevant reasons for his opinion on Guedioura’s transfer. I also think this was a good move, as Guedioura is not very pacey and has questionable stamina, which is why he gets caught out on the ball and tracking back. He can strike a ball well, but has only scored one goal (Sunderland, home 2010-11) as a result.

    • You are doing the same thing,just trying to justify the decision, The club is always right syndrome.You say Guedioura is not very pacey,has questionable stamina, gets caught on the ball and does not track back.Surely you are describing Milijas? I think people have forgotten how physically tough and competitive the Championship is,Guedioura offered a proven record in the Championship and his all action displays for Forest should have made us think again about giving him another chance.Guediuora frustrated me at times in the Prem,but different qualities are needed in the Championship.I am still waiting a reply from Paddy,is this site connected to the club?

      • he is such a “great” player that he has scored 4 goals in 57 appearences (for Wolves and forest) also in the recent match’s for Algeria did he not play at full back! and he spends more time on the bench for them than playing!

      • Look at the top of this blog and you may notice that this blog has no official connection to the club whatsoever, Chris. If you read what I wrote last season there should be no question in your mind that I can critisize both the management and the board when needed and called upon.

        Guédioura is an average CC player in my humble opinion. He has not made a lasting impression on me and I told you why in the article above. Critisize and discuss what I write, but don’t insult me.

  3. Selling Gedioura was a mistake. and we will rue it. Feel free to quote me on this later in the season Paddy, though I seriously doubt you will want to.

    • hello admant – question! are you one of those fans that want all the dead wood out of the club so that we can bring in more quality? if so how do you think we can do it by keeping fringe players? every player the club sells we will have “fans”? harping on about how good they are, and we should keep them, and we will rue it!etc,etc.

  4. Two issues here. Firstly think Paddy is wrong to be so dismissive of a player who was Forests player of the season. Something obviously changed once he was away from Molineux. Think this one will come back to haunt us. Second point, he did not want to play for us anymore and given the bad feeling that apparently exists in the dressing room probably good for morale that he has moved on. I don’t wish him well for next season but he could have done a good job for us. Sad that he showed full potential at Forest that he never did for us but that was probably down to MM and his recovery from horrendous Sidwell assault.
    By the wayJohn its not how good he is, its how poor the rest of our midfielders are but hopefully this will improve with one or two signings

  5. We have better players than Guedioura in the squad, and Stale needs to make room for new players. He’s a good signing for Nottingham but I doubt he has enough quality to dominate in premier league.

    It will be exciting to see if the wolves team can follow up its performance against walsall. Stale don’t want to mix up the teams much except with minor changes (players are returning from injuries) and little experiments. So I suppose the second half team is pretty close to his first eleven (?). Adding Sigurdarson, Nouble and O’Hara in the mix will strengthen the team further, and they will improve their positional sense and tactical knowledge further. Southampton is the ultimate test, and with a good result in that game I’ll say we are more than strong enough to bounce directly back to premier league.

  6. To Paddy,John Wolf and a few others, I just would like to see more balance .Be honest you guys what would you have said if Stale had stated he wanted to keep Guedioura .Would you have been so dismissive of the player then? Paddy certainly didn’t mean to insult you and I enjoyed your articles last season,especially on the youth team.I am open minded about selling him,but I don’t want to see us outfought next season.Bring back Alex Rae.

    • Another question regarding balance: Is Solbakkens intention of playing Stearman and Johnson together in the middle of the defence well balanced? It’s going to be interesting to see how they play together against better teams as for instance Southampton. My impression of those two players are that their strength isn’t tackling, winning first balls, while the opposite goes for Berra and Batth.

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