Recruitment madness

What’s up? Just who will win the race for the next Wolves manager? Please tell me, mr Flea!

That’s what I get wherever I jump nowadays. If you believe Daily Mail both Bruce and Curbishley has said thanks, but no thanks to a thirteen week appointment. Well. They are well-informed! Have they got a bug in the conference room? Who out of Moxey and Morgan are leaking to the press?

Actually I believe the right question to ask yourselves is: Can we trust the tabloids? The thing is that Moxey and Morgan are known to be very secretive about conducting their business. It’s paramount that not a word comes out from these negotiations. So the media has nothing to write about and of course they will write nothing. Right? No, wrong! 

If media gets no information they will create news themselves. The reporters have a pressure from above to write at least an article a day about the Wolves search for a new manager. Supporters are starved on information and jumps on everything written about it and in their enthusiasm they become uncritical readers.

Well, not all of us, but enough to sell newspapers and ads. So who WILL be our next manager? All Moxey has said is that they are looking for a manager who has managed on the highest level and fits the Wolves DNA and that they want the man in charge before the Newcastle game. That means an unemployed manager with Premier League experience. Exactly how they check the DNA matching I haven’t got a clue 😆


Not many of them out there, anyway. Bruce, Curbs, Ericsson, Benitez. Probably not Jones or Ince, not enough experience. Some say Benitez is out of our league, I believe not. Morgan said  that Curbs fits the bill. Benitez fitted the bill at Pool for him. Ericsson? Got the experience, but what about the DNA? Should not what once was good enough for England  be good enough for us. Our history says no! 😆

Bruce and Curbishley still looks as the two main candidates, but the two others could be black horses in the race. When will we know? I thought Friday or Monday at first, but now my interpretation of mr Moxey say it could go on for longer. Let’s hope for Monday, though, I’m tired of waiting and of all the rumours!



~ by paddytheflea on February 19, 2012.

15 Responses to “Recruitment madness”

  1. Im spamming the World Mr Flea. If they thought the Wolves faithful were mad after the ***bion game, just watch what will happen if they appoint steve bruce.

    In short, no, you cant believe the tabloids, but you could easily believe that the Wolves board would bring in a newbie, paid peanuts, and do their usual “good bit of business” …

    But im not going to slag anyone off until the appointment is made..

    here’s hoping for the best !


  2. You’re right Paddy! It’s all the media’s fault.

    One thing though, I think you meant “dark horses” instead of “black horses”! 🙂

  3. Out of those four two stands out: Benitez and Eriksson. Why? They’ve managed clubs in italy and spain, experience from european cups. I would classify Benitez style as direct. It would fit us well. Eriksson plays kind of balanced style with rigid defensive organisation. Both these managers could have managed big clubs like Arsenal or Chelsea or other european clubs. I like direct football so I would fancy Benitez before Eriksson, but I would also like to see Eriksson as a Wolves manager. Benitez and Eriksson are pretty close when one compares their stats, they both have almost the same ratio of wins. Their international experience would add something the two other candidates don’t have. But of course we are far away from playing in one of the european cups so Curbishley would be an excellent alternative also.

    2. Eriksson
    4. Bruce (shouldn’t be on the list)

  4. Whoever takes the job will need to agree to having Terry Connor as his number 2 (thats a mandatory part of the Wolves DNA)!!!
    Paul Ince is making a move in the betting markets amid rumours of a double act with Dave Jones.

  5. So the name of Roy Keane has now been added to the list according to the Daily Mail and what do we think of that?
    Well in my case, not much!
    It certainly looks as if Wolves have backed themselves into a corner by firstly sacking McCarthy but not having a ‘stone-cold certainty’ to replace him and now a number of first choices, who for one reason or another, have turned down the job.
    Should Roy Keane be the only one prepared to take on what seems to be a contract for only 13 games then Wolves are in very serious trouble!
    Chairman Morgan maybe a ‘whizz-kid’ in the construction business but is proving to be not so bright with football business and his sidekick Moxey who it is presumed goes along with Morgan’s every word, is no better.
    The present or the future is not looking very good and the prospects of Mr.Clipboard running the show for the remainder of the season has the smell of relegation all over it!
    IF no one is appointed due to the conditions of employment then I can reach only one conclusion. Chairman Morgan and CEO Moxey MUST FOLLOW McCarthy out of the Molineux door!
    Morgan had the opportunity to dismiss McCarthy well before he did but similarily to McCarthy, his stubborness meant a subsequent missing out of O’Neill or of Hughes in the bargain.
    Moxey as we all know runs a Scrooge type ship. Balances the books but won’t let go of the cheque book when it is required and that has cost the club dear when it comes to bringing in quality players.
    We all know anyone can make a complete balls-up of anything but WWFC is not just anything, it is a famous football club with supporters who are vocal, demand total committment and moreover passion to have this club return to where it once graced, at or near the top of football’s echelon.
    Is that likely to happen under Morgan and Moxey?

    • Well. What would you write about concerning Wolves and the recruitment of a new manager. To write about Kean is of course the person who gives most readers to a tabloid on this subject. I don’t believe he is even considered by Moxey and Morgan. That’s really what I wrote about above. Don’t buy it, they are telling tall tales. Sagas.

      Morgan and Moxey are two out of three who has taken us where we are today. Without the funds of Morgan we would be in the Championship or even league one or two. They will sort this out to the best. Keep faith and don’t believe everything – or in this case anything – you read.

  6. If it’s not Curbishley then we would have been far better off sticking with MM! Even if we were relegated he would be the ideal man to bring us straight back up again and we could then give him one last chance until the end of October to see if he could cut it in the premier league. This is beginning to look like a right pig’s ear of a mess.

  7. It seems the board only want someone who is willing to accept a 13 game contract – madness, who would take on a job on that basis unless they were desperate!

    On a side issue – does anyone know can clubs sign players on loan outside the transfer window?

  8. Curbishley has turned down a contract offer. What the hell are Morgan and Moxey’s game? I really don’t think they can offer a deal out season without offering (gurarantee) a longer deal IF the manager appointed out season manages to keep Wolves in Premier league.

  9. Please, please, please let this just be negotiating tactics with Morgan and Moxey putting forward an improved contractual offer soon so Curbs can get on with the job…..

  10. What was the point of sacking Mick, if all we are going to do is to replace him with an inferior manager? I was disappointed with the original decision which appeared to be taken impulsively by somebody with little football knowledge, but was prepared to see who the board had waiting in the wings. It increasingly appears as though the answer is that no plans were in place and Curbishley’s latest annoucement that he isn’t interested (according to the BBC) is depressing and I now wonder just how the board is selling the position. Nothing against Steve Bruce, but I hope it isn’t him, I think we all know that Mick would have been a much better relegation dogfighter. Curbishley wouldhave least offered something different / fresh and I really worry about who we are going to end-up with. The so-called ‘second round of interviews’ being held clearly indicate that all is not well. Anybody got Mick’s number?


    Tin Pot Board interviewing the world and their dog, trying to get a “bargain basement” to run the show…

    You clearly dont have to know much to earn 6 figure sums these days…


  12. Makes you wonder doesn’t it – all the flack that MM was getting but was he actually doing the best job he could given that his options were being restricted by the board. Maybe the wrong person has been hounded out….

  13. We’re shifting from seeking a manager with experience in the Prem and the battle ahead over the next 13 games to a Championship manager gamble! I wanted to give Moxey and Morgan the benefit of the doubt of what goes on behind closed doors but everything we seem to hear at the moment suggests that this is getting more and more desperate…..

    What is it that Morgan and Curbishley couldn’t agree on so fundamentally that talks broke down? I’d love to know…

    I really hope that TC and the boys can put in a performance on Saturday because our Boardroom is seriously letting the club down at the moment and the future certainly isn’t looking old gold and rosey!!


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