Don’t sell our best players, Mr Moxey! (clips)

Pre season is drawing to a close and many things are undecided still about the team. It’s not a good start to the season when nobody knows if we are able to keep our star players Fletcher and Jarvis and popular power house Kightly.

With those three in the team Wolves will stand a greater chance of getting out of this division, something I believe everybody inside and outside the team are very aware of. The club will get much dole if they sell them for sure, but then it comes to the problem of finding players with the same quality who are free and willing to play for Wolves in a very short time.

It’s an equation that’s very hard to put together with a satisfactory outcome so the very best thing is to give compensation to the players if they stay and help the team to graduate and I’m sure that all three of the ones mentioned above are willing to do just that if they get a good deal from the club. Do you read me, Mr Moxey?!

So Vokes went to Burnley, good for him. I don’t believe they will have a chance to take one of the play-off spots this season, but it’s a solid club with heart and soul and I hope Sam will find a good sporting life over in Yorkshire.

The first team has played three pre-season games since I reported last with one win against Walsall, a draw against Shrewsbury and a loss against promoted team Southampton. With many of our best players on the injury list its an expected result but the important thing is that the players will get match fit and practise the new tactical dispositions made by manager Ståle Solbakken.

Of course I hoped for a better performance against the red and white striped southern team, but without our best players its hard to play a hungry promoted team away with a good result. That was another performance underlining what I wrote above that we really need the star trio to remain under the black and old gold colors. If they do we will be stronger than last season and that should be enough for promotion if Mr Steel is the accomplished manager everybody says he is.

There has been a lot of guesses and speculation about Solbakken and a team without wingers. I’m not at all sure about that. He wants the full backs to be more of wing-backs for sure, but that does not have to mean that he prefers to play completely without wingers. I’m sure that we will see many runs and crosses from the flanks by wingers this season as we have in previous. Maybe they will turn inside more often, though, and we certainly need to strengthen up in the middle, both going forward and defending.

I must give some credit to the club for putting up an account on YouTube with clips from their pre season games. I will publish links to the Walsall and Shrewsbury clips below and hopefully Wolves will publish a clip with highlights from the Southampton game soon – if there were any. Looking forward now to the start of the season, but I’m still very worried about some of our players future in the club. Am I too conservative? I don’t think so…




~ by paddytheflea on August 6, 2012.

9 Responses to “Don’t sell our best players, Mr Moxey! (clips)”

  1. Well said – as always!

  2. Spot on Paddy.Must keep our best players, and wingers will be needed to break down packed Championship defences.It is also a worry that Staale knows nothing about playing in the Championship and we might face a bumpy learning curve.

  3. to late paddy – kites is off to that massive club stoke! for £1.5million quid, fletch is off and so will jarvo soon, bloody disgrace!

    • If Stoke get him for 1.5, Stoke is getting too much value for the money. In my view he’s worth at least 5mill. I really hope this is a bad joke. Kightly can play as a centre midfielder and as a wing, which makes him a perfect fit in Mr.Steel’s tactics as a narrow “winger”.

  4. Some fair points, but one glaring inaccuracy.
    If you want to come away from the Burnley away game with your life then you should correct your statement that you hope Sam will “find a good sporting life over in Yorkshire”!
    Burnley is in LANCASHIRE and they are very proud of it!

  5. I wouldnt piss on moxey if he was on fire. i dont expect him to do anything other than line his and morgans pockets. optimism peaked at athe signing of Stale and has since returned to the usual levels us fans experience after what looks like being another woeful transfer period. they can both get ***** as far as im concerned.

  6. Unlike many I’m not the hugest of Kightly fans but I warmed to him at the end of last season as he showed belief and passion unlike almost every other player in the squad.
    Those who expected to keep the likes of Fletcher, Jarvis etc are deluding themselves. The average worker offered a job at double the wage wouldn’t think twice about moving so why would football players be any different? Especially after enduring such a torrid season.
    The only issue is what are they replaced with and at the moment that isn’t looking very good at all. If we are to lose most of our wingers as the style of play is to move infield then we need Frimpong type players who are strong on the ball and cover ground quickly. I don’t see much evidence of this and we still have the woeful defence to consider. That we haven’t signed two new defenders is more than worrying.
    The clock is ticking and if we enter the season with what we have now less Jarvo and Fletch then mid table is our most likely resting place.
    I’ll keep an open mind but my earlier optimism at the appointment of Stale is beginning to fade as I had stupidly forgot that Greaser Moxley would be trousering the cash!

  7. He goes for 3m which is about the right price for Kightly. We can bring in a decent replacement for that kind of money.

  8. Big disappointment losing Kightly – on a good day he can be a leader and driving force and reminds me of Steven Gerrard, the sort of player I hoped we could build a team around. However he does have recurring injury problems which is the only reason I can see for letting him go.

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