Comments & Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Blackburn

Heard that a team that called themselves Wolves played a game at a cottage in the London area, probably in the Sunday league. They even wore a black and old gold outfit. I know, I know, I know.

A few day  later their captain was fined for coming drunk to a training. I say sue the bastard impostors. You just can’t let them get away with it, soaking our shirts. I know, I know, I know!

I‘m not going to give Wolves players any ratings for the match against Fulham, by the way. They don’t deserve it. TC – our new manager – used the same language as McCarthy, explaining that individual mistakes was the reason for Wolves downfall. Makes me scared, very scared.

The truth is that we started with the wrong team against Fulham. It went totally out of shape and was very unbalanced. The whole right side of the team consisted of players with little experience of playing together and little experience lately of playing at all or playing at a specific position, and when the home team poked at them they crumbled to dust.

I’m talking about Stearman at right central defence, Zubar at right back, Kightly at right wing and Foley inside him at inner midfield. Individual mistakes? An individual mistake by TC, very much so and one I hope he will never make again.But let’s leave that game now and concentrate on the upcoming six-pointer against Blackburn Rovers.

Blackburn is in our mini-league and after the debacle against Fulham we are behind them on goals. The games between the teams in our league are of course a must win and at home TC must win his first game as manager to get the supporters behind him and the team for the run in. You have to play well and get a result to get the fans behind you, TC. It’s not the other way round, as many seem to believe.


1. Queens Park Rangers FC 27 – 18 22
2. Blackburn FC 27 – 22 22
3. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC 27 – 26 22
4. Bolton Wanderers FC 27 – 27 20
5. Wigan FC 27 – 29 20
We will end up in top of the league if we win this game and QPR loses or draws against Bolton in the other massive game in the mini-league, just before ours on Saturday.
So how can TC change the team to get a result? I believe I know how, but does he. I don’t know his thoughts and mind yet. It takes a little flea some time to tune in to that in a new habitat. 😆 So maybe I give you my thoughts of the best team to put out and see if TC gets close?!
The injury on Henry is of course a set-back when we have so few players accomplished at playing a defensive role in the inner midfield. TC has called back David Davis to Wolves, a sound decision and I would use him in the Henry role from start if not Edwards is fit to play. Milijas and O’Hara will surely play in the other two roles.
Hennessey made mistakes latest, but to change keeper at this stage of the season is not a smart move. A keeper earns the trust of the team and I believe the team still trusts Hennessey.  The back four didn’t work at all against Fulham, apart from Ward, and has to be changed. As I have said before I believe that Bassong and Johnson should be our first choice as central defenders and Foley is our best choice for right back and it is his natural and best position. You don’t learn to play on inner midfield in a coffee-break, that’s been proved by both Ward and Foley lately, but that doesn’t mean that they are lousy players at other positions.
Kightly has had glimpses of class, but seem to have a long way to go yet to become a winger of undisputed Premier League class. He doesn’t handle his defensive duties well and if Hunt is available and injury free he would make a better choice in my opinion. If not, Doyle would be my choice. As you may have noticed I don’t even considered a 4-4-2-formation for this or any game in the run in. We have a midfield much too weak to play in that way.
What about our opponents then?  They are a weaker team in defence than last season and the fans are still not happy at all with the owners and their manager. Orr is reported to be out injured, but Lowe comes back to cover the right back position. Dunn may be out with a virus, but the guess is that he will be fit enough to play. We will probable see them play in a 4-2-3-1-formation similar to ours (hopefully!).
Before I show you the probable starting elevens, what about the result? Both teams will be very cautious trying to preserve the one point they have going into the game, but neither team will have the strength at the back to keep goals from coming in. Two all is a probable result, but I hope we can take three points by a goal on a beautiful free-kick by Milijas in the 94th minute. 😆

~ by paddytheflea on March 9, 2012.

9 Responses to “Comments & Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Blackburn”

  1. Another ‘must win’ game , which is the norm for us Wolves fans these days. As for our team , if Zubes is fit I would stick him in at RB in place of Foley. I think the defence will be Christoph ‘huggy bear’ Berra with Bassong rather than Johnson. Midfield looks about right – I would like to see Doyle play on the wide right with O’Hara pushing up to play a bit further up field and supporting Fletcher. All our games are tough and this is no exception – Yakuba is a big threat as is Hoilett. I am thinking positive thoughts and hope we can pull off 3 points because we are desperate.

  2. I think it will be Johnson since Connor has chosen him as captain.

    A very likely line-up. I think we should stick with Zubar. He’s so important for our attacking game. Or play him as a wing. He alway manages to get a shot on goal or to put a cross in the box.

    • He was absolutely awful at defending latest, always in the wrong place, so I really hope he will be in the right place, on the bench, in this game Karlir.

  3. Paddy…I agree with you hope TC does!

  4. Wooooahhhhhhhh, Johnson he cant waltz back into the side as reward for arriving pissed… Plus lets not forget he is rubbish. Craddock for me, oh and I also see it ending 2-2 … Have a good weekend

  5. We need Craddock on the pitch.His spirit will get us throug Blackburn.

  6. Seasons End Tally,
    Place, Points.
    Wolves 16 31
    Blackburn 17 30
    Bolton 18 28
    Q.P.R. 19 25
    Wigan 20 25

    You heard it here first !

  7. What can I say? Just….fingers crossed.

  8. I think your pretty much spot on but if fit the only change i would make is Hunt in the middle for Davis and just get him chaising and harrassing all game. If we can get him unsettling the rythm i think we can impose ourselves and when you have Fletch up front we are always dangerous. I would like to see us get the ball out wide and flood the box and get plenty of crosses in. We need to play on Blackburns frailties as i cant see us keeping a clean sheet so as i see it, it is lets see who can score more…. we believe UTW!! i like the Craddock shout to by the way: experienced, reads the game better than the others and with the likes of Bassong sweeping up behind with his pace i think we could have a decent partnership at the back.

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